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Route 3A trail construction has begun in Hebron !

















  • We are searching for a Secretary of the Board of Directors
  • and for Representatives  for Bridgewater and Groton
  • and Volunteers for all events especially the Lakes Region Triathlon Festival

Check out all of our activities on our Events page.

Please contact us at

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Memberships have been established for Newfound Pathways. Click here to see what level of membership you would like to have. Membership fees are tax deductible as Newfound Pathways is a
501(c)3 IRS registered non-profit organization.

Click here to see the History of Newfound Lake book you can buy that helps financially
support the Newfound Pathways

 Mission Statement:

Our mission is to create a 17-mile pathway around Newfound Lake to encourage walking, running, and cycling as a safe, healthy, and environmentally sound means of recreation and travel.

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Check out the improved road conditions are for bikers and pedestrians
see our Photos page.

We need volunteers to help make the Newfound Pathway a reality. Click here for information.

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Newfound Pathways
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